MP3 ++++ FEB.2003

MP3 ++++ Zarur Noise Live at C.U.E.
photo by Sunao Inami


Born in 1972 , in Osaka,Japan.
in his high school days, Ishigami made psychedelic music and made his own band. Then, he also began to listen to contemporary music and to compose pieces of musique concrete.

He was graduated from Osaka University Of Arts in 1994, B.A. Music Engineering. He composed and performed his pieces in INA-GRM in August 1997. He also participated in a organization "ACTE KOBE", which consisted of activities in Kobe (Japan) by artists who wished reconstruction of Kobe from the earthquake catastrophe in Hanshin-Awaji areas in 1995. His performance for ACTE KOBE was improvisations in Theatre d’Alhambra, Marseille, January 1999 and in Dampfzentorale, Berne, March 2000.(Artist Fellowship, Supported by The Japan Foundation.). He founded artists group "C.U.E." in Kobe , with Sunao Inami(Musician) and Emi Makino(Dancer) in Dec/2001, also he organize Internet live performance events[Live from Far East] every 1~2times from "C.U.E.". He started Workshop "Noise Work Shop" in Osaka, with Tadatsu Atsunobu(Noise musician / He is Leader of Noise Work Shop.) and Toru Kai(Noisician) in 2002. He did sound performance [etc] with Johannes.S.Sistermanns at MEX Dortmund(Dortmund), LOGOS Foundation(Gent), crossovermedia(Wuppertal), EKO-House(Duesseldorf), Gare du Nord(Basel), CUBA(Muenster), Stadtgarten(WDR, Koln), t-u-b-e(Muenchen) in Sept-Oct/2002.(Artist Fellowship, Supported by The Japan Foundation.). He did sound performance [etc2003] with Johannes.S.Sistermanns at Galerie Rachel Haferkamp(Koln), Lange Nacht der Museen (Teehaus/Japanischer Garten in Kaiserlautern), Kunsthaus(Wiesbaden), Kunstlerhaus(Saar/SR Radio, Saabrucken) in May-June/2003. He did sound performance [etc2004] with Johannes.S.Sistermanns at Senkoji(Osaka/Japan), Honen-in(Kyoto/Japan) and CAPHOUSE(Kobe/Japan) in Oct/2004.

He will go to USA-Tour under name of "AdC~/Dac~"(Member: Kazumoto Endo, Kazuya Ishigami and Tetsuya Miyazaki) in April~May/2005.
His new RadioPhonic work "Sonic Escapism" will be broadcasted from DeutschlandRadio In Aug/2005.
His new RadioPhonic work "2nd49" will be broadcasted from DeutschlandRadio In Jun/2006.

Played with various artists such as Johannes.S.Sistermanns, Hans Koch, Barre Phillips, Cristin Wildbolz, Margrit Rieben, Ian Masters, Raymond Boni, Cor Fuhler, Sunao Inami, Masayuki Akamatsu, Tatsu Saito, Kazumoto Endo, Anla Courtis(REYNOLS), THIRDORGAN, Atsunobu Tadatsu, Kosei Yamamoto, Roberto Zorzi, Timothy O'Dwyer, Will Guthrie, Gunter Muller, Norbert Moslang(Voice Crack), Jazzkammer, Mr.Natural and many others.
CD collaborations with various artists such as Erdem Helvacioglu, Johannes.S.Sistermanns, Tomas Kober, Sunao Inami, Masayuki Akamatsu, Atsunobu Tadatsu, Ian Masters, Mourmansk 150, Timothy O'Dwyer and THIRDORGAN.. and many others.. Future projects include cd collaborations with GOVERMENT ALPHA, Kazumoto Endo analog suicide.
He presides an independent label, NEUS-318, which is releasing many CDs of various artists.

And also performed:
AdC~/DaC~ (Laptop Trio)
BILLY? (Electro Noise Group /Member:Yukinori Kikuti(He is Leader), Tetsuya Miyazaki and Kazuya Ishigami)
Daruin (Ambient Noise solo Unit)
Collaborations with many artists who are in various countries.

Works as Sounds Performer, Composer, Sounds Engineer, lecturer, Programmer
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