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SPL-22001 Akamatsu / Inami / Ishigami [CD]

Sprit CD of 3 computer musicians,Masayuki Akamatsu,Sunao Inami and Kazuya Ishigami. They used Powerbook G4 with MAX/MSP,Kyma,Reaktor etc.. About the sounds, it massive DSP based experimental / electro-acoustic / computer music.

------SPL-22001 $16 - [electr-ohm]

Skamstotten and DARUIN split CDR

Skamstotten(Denmark) and DARUIN(JAP)'s split CDR. Contrast of lo-fi drone and hi-fi ElectroAcoustic. Very Deep Sounds.

------Neu-030 $12 - [Neus318]

indiscrete : [errortic noise pop rotaion] CDR

German High techno artist. very long sounds, but very changing sounds. POP and Noise sampling.

------Neu-031 $12 - [Neus318]


Split CDR of French Noisician RIPIT and DARUIN. RIPIT play good modulator noise. and DARUIN made ambient noise.

------Neu-032 $12(US) - [Neus318]

Tadayuki Miura SOLO Single CDR

Tadayuki Miura from NAGOYA. He said, this sound is "Mya Mya Technoise" good tech+noise. "CDR single"

------Neu-033 $5(US) - [Neus318]

DeepSpeeD : [SpacEcapS] CDR

Japanese Noise Maker BASTARBATION, his Another Unit "DeepSpeed". Very Long And Deep Noise Sounds.

------Neu-034 $12(US) - [Neus318]

phroq : [black valentine] CDR-single

Swiss noise maker "Phroq". His live recording at C.U.E.(Kobe) 14.02.2003.

------Neu-035 $10(US) - [Neus318]


Japanese Noise Maker BASTARBATION. 52 short tracks. Digital Noise Sounds.

------Neu-036 $12 - [Neus318]

Compilation Tribute to MOURMANSK150 : [KILLING] CDR

Compilation Tribute to M150(France). GOVERNMENT ALPHA, OUTERMOST, ANEMONE TUBE, DARUIN, M150.. etc

------Neu-037 $12 - [Neus318]


Phroq is very nice artist in Switzerland. New work which challenged the approach of a colorful sound which is not only digital noise. Recommend.

------Neu-038 $12 - [Neus318]

Urkuma : [a cricket in the river] CDR

Urkuma(Italy) plays good impro&drone music.

------Neu-039 $10 - [Neus318]

ELMA : [reciprocity] CDR

ELMA lives in Tottori/JAPAN. Arrangement of sounds in which an elementary particle flies about free. The work which reached to an extreme of a cut-up-noise. Recommend

------Neu-040 $12 - [Neus318]


=> Atsunobu Tadatu (aka PENYYNEP) .. E.GuitarNoise.
=> Kazuya Ishigami (aka DARUIN).. ComputerNoise, A.Guitar & ZarurSystem
Tadatu made lo-fi break E.Guitar sounds. Ishigami made Pulse, Noise sampling, FeedBack and Computer noise.

------Neu-041 $12 - [Neus318]

marufura fufunjiru : [fragile] CDR

Solo CDR of maru(Austria). Almost Ambient Drones and Glitch fragmentary Noise. Atmosphere is Flying on Clouds and Waters.

------Neu-042 $12 - [Neus318]


ELMA lives in Tottori/JAPAN. His 2nd-CDR from NEUS-318. Recommend!

------Neu-043 $12 - [Neus318]

PLEO : [Automatic Guerrini] CDR

PLEO(Italy). He edit works from only Accordion Sound Source. Very Nice edit like a improvisation.

------Neu-044 $10 - [Neus318]

GROIN : [ponchi ponchi ponchi] CDR

2006.MAY release

------Neu-045 $10 - [Neus318]

PENYYNEP / DARUIN : [uiuiui-pou] CDR

PENYYNEP and DARUIN SPLIT CDR. PENYYEP made good feedback noise from loop-mixer-system. DARUIN made elaborate computer noise.

------Neu-046 $12 - [Neus318]

DARUIN and analog suicide split CDR

DARUIN and analog suicide(Turkish) split CDR. analog suicide(Turkish) made warm analog noise. daruin made drone and storong glitch noise.

------Neu-047 $12 - [Neus318]

Sound_00 : [untitled] CDR

Solo work of sound_00(from Macedonia). Coming Soon.

------Neu-048 $undecided - [Neus318]

funaman and DARUIN split CDR

funaman and DARUI split CDR. funaman made impro-noise-sounds from guitar cable, Denshi-block, steel and gong. daruin made various sounds from material of only white-noise.

------Neu-049 $12 - [Neus318]

Richard Francis and Kazuya Ishigami : [Untitled] CDR

Richard Francis(Newzealand) and Kazuya Ishigami Duo work. Coming Soon.

------Neu-050 $undecided - [Neus318]

Kazuya Ishigami : [jun yin 1 - yu wang - pilgrimage of sound 1 - desire - ] CDR

Kazuya Ishigami new series [pilgrimage of sound]. theme of Volume 1 is [desire].deep sounds express "desire" of plant, human and machine.

------Neu-051 $12 - [Neus318]

Leonid Savin : [Winter Solstice] CDR

Solo work of Ukrainian Leonid Savin. Good quality Electroacoustic sounds, strange melody song and dark-orchestra..

------Neu-052 $12 - [Neus318]

Kidsok Nuit : [Circostanze] CDR

Kidsok Nuit is solo unit of Italian composer Giuseppe Mileti.
Impro-electro-acoustic processed in Real-Time. Elaborate, calm and beautiful sounds.
This work also "Tribute to Phill Niblock."
Kidsok Nuit's WEBSITE is HERE

------Neu-053 $12 - [Neus318]

criadero en seres : [degustacion] CDR

criadero en seres is noise-unit of Argentine Mariela Arzadun, Leandro Ramirez and Fausto Bellver.
Sounds from live performance at Departamento 11 j, Barracas, Buenos Aires.
very calm and very peaceful noise ambient drone.
criadero en seres's WEBSITE is HERE

------Neu-054 $12 - [Neus318]

Hinterlandt : [No Fixed Address] CDR

Musically, "No Fixed Address" is the first Hinterlandt album to feature
full-blown pop songs complete with vocals, guitars and all the rest,
mixed with a feeling of deconstruction and the attention to detail
Hinterlandt is known for.(Jochen Gutsch)
2006.APR release

------Neu-055 $12 - [Neus318]

chefkirk : [RANGE MAPS] CDR

chefkirk is solo noise unit of Roger H Smith.
Non stop slow high tone harsh drone, some sample cut up and broken melodies.
Feeling BIRDS sounds.
Dedicated to Birds of Eastern and Central America!
2006.APR release

------Neu-056 $12 - [Neus318]

GOH Lee Kwang and LAU Mun Leng : [ACTIVE]

Collaboration work by Malaysian GOH Lee Kwang and LAU Mun Leng.
glitch electronics noise and synth discord. very high mix.
2006.APR release

------Neu-057 $12 - [Neus318]


First release of GROYXO(KOBE/JAPAN) from NEUS-318.
Sound Materials from Live Perfomance.
He divide short sound pieces and he re-construct sound.
Short Noise and Short Silence, high speed and high tension.
2006.APR release.

------Neu-058 $10 - [Neus318]

Kazuya Ishigami : [jun yin 2 - pilgrimage of sound 2 - abhorrence - ] CDR

Kazuya Ishigami new series [pilgrimage of sound]. theme of Volume 2 is [abhorrence].
Low-tone sounds and silence express "abhorrence" of human.
2006.MAY release

------Neu-059 $12 - [Neus318]

YINGFAN and DARUIN: [YINGFAN and DARUIN split CDR "hair peach"] CDR

Taiwanese noise artist YINGFAN and DARUIN split CDR.
YINGFAN play brutal, speed and abnormal noise. but these are very elaborate.
DARUIN play ambient noise , harsh ambient and LO-FI techno.
2006.JUN release

------Neu-060 $12 - [Neus318]

Daruin and Grkzgl:[Drain] CDR

Split CDR of Grkzgl(CANADA) and DARUIN. They play Drone Sounds. 2007.MAY Release.

------Neu-061 $12 - [Neus318]

XV Parowek:[Woke up in a mailbox] CDR

Solo work of XV Parowek(Poland). 8 experimental noise songs. 2007.SEPT release.

------Neu-062 $12 - [Neus318]

The domestic front and Kazuya Ishigami split CDR

Split CDR of The domestic front(USA) and Kazuya Ishigami. 2008.JAN release.
detail here

------Neu-063 $12 - [Neus318]

Koura / Daruin:[karakarato otoganaru] CDR

Collaboration of Koura(USA) and DARUIN.
2 each Solo songs and 3 duo songs from @ C.U.E.(KOBE/JAPAN) / 2006.10.26(thu).

------Neu-064 $12 - [Neus318]

Mike Shiflet / Kazuya Ishigami:[Might is right. But, Truth is truth.] CDR

Split CDR of Mike Shiflet(USA/ GAEBOY LABEL) and Kazuya Ishigami.
Mike play beautiful drone. Ishigami play drone of "SHOU"(japanese bamboo pipes).

------Neu-065 $12 - [Neus318]


This Album dedicated to actress Ayako Wakao.
Her voices like a NUE. NUE means chimera.

------Neu-066 $12 - [Neus318]

Kazuya Ishigami:[Modest way of life] CDR

Kazuya Ishigami solo work. 4 new works.
Sounds Materials of 2 songs from Live Perfomance at Club OTOYA(KOBE) in NOV/2007.
and Sounds Materials of another 2 songs from Radiophonic works made in 2004.

------Neu-067 $12 - [Neus318]

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