Shine on me / Kazuya Ishigami
It Happened One Night

NEUCD-006 (CD) 2011年11月発売 (2011.NOV.release)  1,500円 (

Audio Track:
試聴 / Trial listening

1tr. Wheel of Fortune / Kazuya Ishigami - 05'03

2tr. The Great Hermit / Kazuya Ishigami - 06'08

3tr. Fool on the beer / Kazuya Ishigami - 04'20

4tr. Try to the temperance / Kazuya Ishigami - 09'39

5tr. hope / Shine on me - 03'12

6tr. Much roly-poly is attached to the rucksack / Shine on me - 07'42

7tr. Under a roadside tree / Shine on me - 04'17

8tr. The sea cannot be seen from here / Shine on me - 08'09

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石上和也とアンビエント音響ユニットShine on meとのスプリットCD。2011.NOV.release

Shine on me
1991年大阪生まれ大阪在住の四宮基稀による不定形アンビエント/エレクトロニカユニット。2011年2月に心斎橋nu things JAJOUKAにて初ライブを行い、それ以降本格的に活動を開始する。そして今回、NEUS-318より石上和也氏とのスプリットアルバム「It happened one night」をリリース。

Split CD of Kazuya Ishigami and Shine on me.

Shine on me
Infinite form Ambient / electronica unit of Shinomiya motoki living in born Osaka in 1991 Osaka.
The first live was performed in Shinsaibashi nu things JAJOUKA in February, 2011, and activity was completely started after it.
And Mr. Kazuya Ishigami's split album "It happened one night" was released from NEUS-318 this time.

26th Dec. 2011 updated.